Costa Rica has been declared the happiest country in Latin America, and all the Jersey breeders are really happy to welcome you for the WJCB annual meeting in June 2017.

Costa Rica is one of the three countries in Latin America self-sufficient in milk production. We have a long tradition breeding Jersey cows at different climate conditions all over the country. More purebred Jerseys are registered than all other breeds combined.

During the tour, you will see a lot of beautiful nature everywhere and nice people welcoming you. Also, included visits to some of the country’s best herds and farms.

Costa Rica is a country of PEACE, since 1948 there is no army, and it is the most ancient and established democracy in Latin America.

Costa Rica WJCB 2017 and the World Jersey Cattle Bureau invite breeders from around the world to attend the 2017 Meeting. Join us and live an exciting developing story that should not be missed.

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